10 Specific Ways to Pray for Your Daughter

Receiving the Spirit of God comes through abiding in Christ and loving him. So, how can I stir my daughter’s affections for Him?

My goal is for my daughter to receive God’s Spirit- the Spirit of transformation, wisdom, and freedom. 

For all of these things, I pray. Below are ten essential prayers for daughters:

1. Pray God would call her to belong to Him completely.

No one can come to the Son unless the Father draws him (John 6:44). It’s terrifying to think this is out of our control, but we must trust God’s goodness and His sovereignty.

God’s effectual call to our children is of infinite value and urgency.

We naturally make ourselves enemies with God, and we are all desperately in need of saving grace (Romans 5:8-10).

2. Pray she would respond in faith to God's call, by giving her life to Him.

I want my daughter to belong to Jesus.

I want an active, positive response to God’s call on her life because He gives true life and hope.

And this is precisely why I desire her to know, love, and serve Him- for her well-being and joy. 

3. Pray God would transform her heart and give her a spirit of humility.

My daughter is a young child, so right now the universe revolves around her. She is god of her little universe, but I’m hoping to be active in the process of unwinding this.

I pray God would give her a Spirit of humility. 

These traits are beautiful and precious to God (1 Peter 3:4), and the most frustrated and hateful people on earth are those who think everything revolves around them.

4. Pray God would give her His wisdom to navigate life effectively and productively.

Wisdom is knowledge, applied. It’s living life effectively, and this is something good that God, a good Father, desires.

Wisdom will save us from a thousand harmful pitfalls. Foolishness is damaging, but God’s wisdom is life-giving.

5. Pray God would give her a sharp mind to understand His profound truths.

I want my daughter to have a strong mind to know God well, and not to be led astray by weird ideologies.

I want her mind fixed in the profound truths about God’s character. I want her to understand God’s sovereignty and our free-choice, His justice, and our need for sanctifying grace.

I want her to grapple with the truths of God’s word, and to love God all the more because she knows Him with her heart, soul, mind, and strength.

6. Pray God would give her a strong heart to serve others.

In our family, we open our minds to God’s word, and we open our hearts to serve others.

The ultimate goal for us is to be a family who serves God and others.

A sharp mind and an enormous heart is a powerful and significant combination.

7. Pray God would give her desires to be a godly mother.

A godly mother is a life-giving mother.

I want her to do well as a mother by guiding her children into godliness, and creating a space where they can thrive under God’s guidance and influence.

8. Pray God would give her a husband who gives himself up for her as Christ does His church.

I’m praying God will bring her life-giving man who is selfless and who loves her sacrificially- someone who takes care of her by putting her needs before his own, just like Jesus did with us.

9. Pray she would recognize and trust her husband's godly leadership.

I can understand the challenge to trust another human being with direction and leadership.

Still, if he is faithfully following the Lord, then I desire that she would recognize and trust his initiatives to cultivate a godly home and marriage.

10. Pray she would not be hindered from going anywhere in the world to accomplish the purpose of God's will for her life.

I don’t want my daughter to stop pursuing God, even if it means she has to go across the world to do it.

I can’t stand the thought of a long-distance relationship with my daughter. But I have to reckon with God’s will, even if I don’t like it.

My Ultimate Goal

At the end of it all, I want my daughter to stand before the Lord and hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

I want her to be a Spirit-filled, humble, servant of God with a sharp mind that understands His profound truths and who extends His great love to others.

I want her to embrace her femininity with eagerness to care for her children and husband, and give her life’s purpose wholly to God and His mission to the world. 

Be a light.