Jesus Meets Us in Our Suffering, and Gives Us Hope

It’s no doubt this world occupies a space of suffering more than any other location in our universe. Earth is filled with it. She finds us all at some point. We have all met her, or at least at some point, will meet her. Some interact with her daily, and some live with her, feeling her presence bidding at what seems every moment.

Suffering comes to meet us at the memories of something or someone we lost. She comes when we least expect it. It almost seems as if she is the most active presence in the world, and all any of us want is for her to leave us alone.

But in our suffering, to whom do we turn? If God is out of the picture, then what can satisfy, and who can offer such a thing as powerful as eternality? Who else can provide a sustainable hope? Something real, unfading, everlasting?

Everything and everyone will eventually dissipate, at some point, so then what does anything matter? If nothing is permanent, then nothing matters.

Jesus of Nazareth is best known for his claims to be God, but what did He actually do while he was here? The people that embraced Him did so because He brought healing to their lives and hope to their future.

Jesus meets us at the point in which we go down- to a place we can’t go down any further. He meets us at our end, there with a welcoming hand, extending a new direction for us, a new life, and a new identity. He gives the gift of something imperishable. Therein lies true, unchanging, and never-ending hope.

We all turn to something to fill the void and to get a sense of peace, but while these things might find value temporarily, they will never find value permanently.

Jesus grants us a hope of permanence, unlike anything, everything else.

When you need healing, He offers it.

When you need healing, He promises it.

When you need healing, He initiates it.

When you need healing, He sustains it.

So when you need healing, you might turn to anything you want, but only Jesus will satisfy completely. The good news is that He is there to meet you at your lowest place and to remain with you from now on and into eternity, giving you life, hope, and a sure future to look forward to- forever.

He is hope- the exit of your suffering (one day finally) and the entrance of your healing and rest. 

Be a light.